About Us

Major Maker Ltd is a professional platform for individuals looking for friendly, reliable, and top-quality DIY services all around Greater Manchester. As a service provider, I can handle multiple projects at a time by following innovative ways and techniques. I'm familiar with property maintenance and have the knowledge to handle such jobs. Additionally, I have over 3 years of experience in the field. Being a DIY expert, I also provide useful DIY Tips .

Our areas of expertise include flat pack assembly, television wall mounting, hanging shelves, hanging mirrors, installing ceiling fans, installing ceiling lights, replacing sockets and switches, and patching walls. Hence, if you need any of my services from the above following, message me, and I'll be there for you for assistance. 

Why choose me?

I offer specialized help in different fields, proficiently and professionally. Whether you need DIY Tips, home improvement, or property maintenance, I'll be at your doorstep within the required time. Due to such reasons, I pride myself and my services that deliver you reliable customer support and incredible professionalism.

Some Extra DIY Tips

In extras, we'll give you some additional DIY tips that might help you in enhancing your home. 

⮚ Give you real & honest DIY Tips that will be easy to understand. 

⮚ Bring you the information about the rules & regulations regarding your house.

⮚ Provide some latest technologies and give you access to guides related to DIY

⮚ Give you the knowledge and opportunity to learn new things. 


Our aim

Major Maker Ltd aims to make your home comfortable, enhance, and beautiful! That is why we offer top-quality and superior services to our customers in Greater Manchester at an affordable & reasonable price.

Therefore, if you need experienced and friendly home improvement services, please contact me for free guidance, and our range of outstanding services will be at your fingertips. Our company mission is to deliver quick services to our customers, even on a single call. To give our customers an additional priority, we offer our services on weekends, evenings, and even on Sundays.