Discover the Secret to Having Perfect Electrical Fittings in Your Place
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Are you currently searching for a quality service from an efficient electrician to handle electrical installations around your house or office? Are you fed up of the bad electrical installations from electricians? Then, you are in the right place to get a capable and perfect electrical contractor who is readily available to proffer solutions to the electrical problems you are facing. 


I’m Dean from Major Maker, an electrical contractor who is widely known for providing fast, friendly, quality and perfect electrical installation services to all my clients.


As a professional electrician, I will help you in achieving perfect lightings in your living room or kitchen through lovely ceiling light fittings or replacing of faulty fixtures with modern lighting solutions to maximising your wall lighting best options.


However, you can seek for a piece of advice from me; if you are uncertain about what to choose. Then, I will adequately meet your lighting needs.


For instance, there are various elements in cabinet lightning designs for your bathroom or kitchen. If you’re after subtle task lighting options for you to use in your rooms in the middle of the night, I am readily available for you.


You may be wondering how to fix your new ceilings and wall lights when you buy it. Why not book our Lighting Installation Service. It is extremely quick, convenient and safe.


We will thoroughly carry out necessary examinations to ensure that the existing lighting connection is safe for continuous use. This will require us to turn off your electrical appliances for a period of time. 


However, we will verify that the ceiling can handle installations of the new light fittings; thereby we will remove the old light fittings. We will assemble the existing light fittings and install it in the same place as where the old fittings were fixed.


Here are the lists of some electrical installations I can handle for you:

Ceiling Fans

Standard Lights

Electric Switches

Electric Sockets

Pendants and chandeliers, wall sconces and wall chores, track and recessed lightings.

Floor lamps, cabinet lights, desk and swing arm lights.

Dresser lights, wall spotlights and bathroom mirror lamps.

Security garden lightings and led light installations.


RGB-W LED strip lights 


Kitchen under cabinet customised led strip lights installation.

Options for Control:


Regular light switch


Control panel with multiple zones

For a quick note, please leave an image or link of what you would want to be fixed or built in your location. Then, I will get back to you with the next available slot to get the work done.




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