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This project features a set of 28 heavy-duty alcove and floating shelves, designed for both utility and visual appeal. The shelves are constructed with an MDF frame and a wood faceplate, offering a blend of durability and aesthetic finesse. The project scope also included professional installation and painting, resulting in a fully integrated and polished shelving system.

Key Features
Heavy Duty Design: Alcove shelves built to support substantial weight, making them versatile for various storage needs.

Floating Shelves: A set of floating shelves that add a contemporary touch to the room while expanding storage options.

Material Blend: Utilization of an MDF frame for structural integrity, complemented by a wood faceplate for a refined look.

Comprehensive Set: A total of 28 units, providing ample and flexible storage solutions.

Finish: Expert installation and painting to ensure the shelves perfectly match the room's existing decor.

Materials Used
MDF frame for structural support
Wood faceplate for aesthetic appeal
Premium-quality paint for a seamless finish
Design Elements
Alcove Shelves: Custom-fitted into alcoves to optimize space and functionality.

Floating Shelves: Designed to give the illusion of floating, adding a modern flair to the room.

MDF and Wood Blend: The combination of MDF and wood offers both durability and a high-end look.

Painting: Paint colours carefully chosen to harmonize with the room's overall aesthetic.

Installation: Precision installation techniques are employed to ensure the shelves are secure, level, and visually aligned.

The final product is a robust, stylish, and highly functional shelving system that elevates the room's aesthetic while offering versatile storage solutions. This project highlights my expertise in custom fabrication, material selection, and finishing techniques.

Project type

Alcove Heavy Duty Shelves


Des 2021



Alcove Heavy Duty Shelves & Floating Shelves Set

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