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Voice-Controlled Entertainment Wall System

Project type

Entertainment Wall System


April 2023


Gloucester, England

This project showcases a state-of-the-art entertainment wall system that spans 4m x 2m, featuring a 70" top-spec TV as its centerpiece. The design seamlessly integrates high-quality dark brown floorboards, RGBWW LED lighting, and smart technology, offering both aesthetic appeal and functional brilliance.

Key Features
Centerpiece: A 70" top-spec TV, perfectly framed by a wooden backdrop that appears to float, creating a visual spectacle.

Ambiance: Two-channel RGBWW LED lights on diffusers, tastefully hidden by a wooden trim, provide customizable lighting effects.

Contrast Design: Vertical dark black bars behind the wooden backdrop offer a striking contrast, further accentuated by LED lights that make the wall glow.

Smart Cabinet: A 30cm high and 40cm deep cabinet at the bottom matches the overall design and offers storage solutions.

Smart Tech: The entire system is voice-controlled, allowing for effortless operation.

Materials Used
High-quality dark brown floorboards
MDF board
Vertical black bars
RGBWW LED lights on diffusers
Smart home integration for voice-controlled operation

The end result is a visually stunning, highly functional entertainment wall system that can be controlled with simple voice commands. This project serves as a testament to my skills in design, technology integration, and craftsmanship.

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