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Getting Started

A car broke down and is being towed away.

Manchester in full lockdown again.

For about two years now, I’ve meant to start a blog to share my experience and ideas with others. But it’s been a roller-coaster. But, finally, I’m here.

A Little About Me

Hi, I’m Dean, a professional welder with over a decade of experience and a DIY enthusiast. I worked with Mig Tig Arc for over seven years, building things like arctic trailer chassis, risers, tail lifts for HGV, and fabricating components for equipment or machinery.

I moved to Manchester about four years ago, around a time I felt the need for a career change. I wanted to do something that would expand what I already know while giving me new challenges.

So I got myself a CSCS Card, a qualification you need to do construction in the UK. It allowed me to work with skilled people doing different kinds of stuff like bricklaying, joinery, plumbing, electrical work, glazing, to name a few.

About a year ago, I decided to build my business in the home improvement space. But I knew there were going to be many challenges, so I decided to start with something simple.

That landed me on flatpack assembly services. Offering assembly services allowed me to focus on the business and customer service side of things and slowly build up from there.

For a time, things were going well until Covid hit, and car decided to give up on me.

Why Am I Doing This Blog?

Mostly because it provides an avenue to share the knowledge I have picked up over the years and an opportunity to learn new things.

What To Expect From This Blog?

I think the best way to start anything is from the basics. So we’ll start with basic tasks and projects and slowly work to more advanced home improvement projects.

We’ll look into the various tools and equipment that you might be interested in.

Important disclaimer

As with anything, it’s important that you do your own research before attempting anything I talk about on this site.

No process is flawless. I'm likely to make mistakes, but I plan to be active here, and with your feedback, I will put in the time to correct any mistakes.

I’ll be sharing product links from Amazon and other companies with great product offers.

Where do I see this blog going?

I class myself as a generalist, but I would like to do more building projects. I’m still working on the idea, but I'll focus on DIY projects that you can execute alone, with friends or family, to add value to your life.

Well, the sky's the limit. For now I won't let my enthusiasm get the better of me.

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